What are the frequencies and current used in the Healy?

An exciting question reached me about the electricity used in the Healy:
I’d like to explain it to you in layman’s terms. I would like to thank Marlene, who inspired me to this article with her question. Thanks also to Harald, for the exciting aura treatment I was allowed to participate in.

What is this electricity, how is it transmitted and how does it work?

From smartphones to wristband electrodes

If you select a frequency program in your Healy app on your smartphone, this request goes directly to the >Healy medical Cloud<. From there this ONE selected program will be transferred from the Healy Cloud to your Healy. This happens via Bluetooth from your mobile phone to the Healy device.

After starting your program you do not need a mobile phone or bluetooth

When the transfer is complete and you start using the program, you can turn off both Bluetooth and the phone. You no longer need f with this application.
This reduces unnecessary Blotooth electrosmog and you can play your Healy program calmly and relaxed.

How do the frequencies from the Healy get into my body?

The current from Healy is conducted through the cables from the device to the ear or bracelet electrodes. The currents between 5-7 mV are similar to those that flow in the organism in a similar way (nervous system, spinal cord). Special attention was paid to this during programming. Additionally, you can vary the output of the current intensity yourself: At only 15% power, each program begins. You can adjust the output yourself – or you can also adjust it back down again – to create a pleasant feeling. Many people feel a slight tingling or pulsating sensation, others feel almost or nothing at all. This is all within the desired normal range.

Frequency, change!

By the way, the frequencies change during the application. This is also desired. Depending on the program, and also within the individual programs, an overall composition is played with very different frequencies, seconds, minutes and frequency groups, which resembles a symphony. Fast and slower sequences alternate in a way that is optimal for the health topic you want to treat.

Your program is individual each time. How does that work?

A “program” which is created in your Healy, holds groups of different frequencies within the overall composition to one theme.
Let’s imagine it like in a choir. Here we have soprano and the alto for the higher voices, tenor and bass for the male voices. All together sing harmonically. But the choir voices start again at different times. Each choir member also sings individually. Unique and unmistakable. And yet in the common whole.

Waltz for the soul and the Radetzky March for energy

Depending on which frequencies I use in the composition (or which are already present in the Healy), different organs are addressed.
So let us imagine soft, gentle sounds like a lullaby that helps us to get off the daily routine, gently guiding us into dreams. A Viennese waltz lifts the soul and stimulates areas in the brain and hormone system, which can take us out of depression and into a higher mood, while the Radetzky March gives us fresh energy for the day. The variety of tones and melodies creates a never ending firework of impressions, and a life music is always different, every time a little bit different. Individual, like life, like the frequency harmonies in our Healy.

Bandwidths in the Healy frequency spectrum for body, soul and spirit

The therapist device >TimeWaver Frequency<, which we can call the big brother of the Healy, provides three bandwidths for the programming of the Healy automations.
1-1000 Hertz
15 Khz-2MHz
and 2 MHz- 10 MHz
The frequency spectrum is of course also important.

In the first area

it is possible to feel almost all frequencies – depending on the current intensity. This is because these frequencies correspond to the frequencies that also correspond to our organ and body frequencies. So we go into resonance with our resonating body. Just like a violin vibrates inside and produces a sound when its strings are struck.

The second frequency range is more delicate

almost like a breath that touches our soul. Electrotechnically speaking, these frequencies spread over our body surface. I am thinking here of the meridians, which according to ancient Chinese medicine also run along our body surface. They connect the acupuncture points, which can be stimulated to regulate the energy, the Qi.
If frequencies from this area appear in my analyses, experience has shown me that these are mental topics that want to attract attention through physical events.

The third area, however,

as my father, a graduate engineer for high-frequency electrical engineering, explained to me, does not touch the body anymore. Even if it is mediated by the wristband electrodes, these frequencies of 2-10 megahertz form a FELD. Of course an electromagnetic field. Similar to the fields of the aura that surround us. Consequently, our aura layers – the spiritual, the consciousness – should be particularly well treated with electromagnetic fields that respond to 2-10 MHz.
So if frequencies appear in this spectrum in the course of the analysis, I interpret them as spiritual subjects, which are also treated where they show their resonance. And it goes even further.

This also helps us to understand the three possible applications of our Healy.

First method – the direct wire

As already described at the beginning, the classical method of Healy use works like this: By connecting the Healy apparatus to the user by means of cables and bracelet electrodes, the current flows classically, as we know it, through the cables into the organism. This works especially well when the cable is uninterrupted. Moistening the wristband electrodes or the ear clips helps to pass on the current optimally. A little salt in the water increases the conductivity by a few percent.
With adhesive electrodes, it is desirable to place them on the right and left side of the area to be treated so that the current can flow through it. Preferably, there should be no hairs or a greasy film between the skin and the adhesive electrode, which could increase the conductivity loss at the transmission point.

We understand method 2 better,

after we talked about electromagnetic fields above.
If we use our Healy without any cables and just let it run, an electromagnetic field is formed, figuratively speaking an “electromagnetic cloud”. Fields have the property that they penetrate the body and therefore the effect takes place on a subatomic level. If we look at Bohr’s model of the atom, the electrons circle around the atomic nucleus (consisting of protons and neutrons, explained in a simplified way). Let’s leave out the particle/wave event for this case). We can imagine the proportions as follows: In the middle of a football field there is a green pea, that’s the atomic nucleus. And all around at first rows of spectators, electrons are flitting around. In the whole “nothing” between these two, the electromagnetic field is at work. So we are much more “nothing” than “something”, and in this space in between we can invite the electromagnetic fields of our Healy to deliver the desired frequencies to our innermost being right away.
Isn’t that exciting?

For the Third Variation we need the Healy Resonance.
And another field.

It has another special feature, namely the information field. I will explain this to you in another article. So much already: In the information field we don’t need electricity anymore, because the information transfer works on the level of consciousness. Studies have shown that information can be transmitted instantly via light quanta. This means “transporting” an “information” simultaneously, without the slightest loss of time, over long, enormous distances to someone. Beaming, so to speak.
Whoever has Healy Resonance therefore uses quantum physical processes to “send” the Healy’s information wirelessly to the person for whom it is intended.
No magic, pure physics.

If you have fun to learn more about the Healy, if you would like to have one yourself, or if you would like to be informed as soon as the workshop starts, please let me know!

Best regards – via the information field and the internet-

Love, Peace and Health,

Lisa Golda

Heath practitioner
Expert for Information- and Frequencymedicine
User of the first hour with TimeWaver and Healy

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