Cable, or not?

Frequency ranges, cloud and information field

The frequencies used in the Healy are on different levels. Some of them we can feel physically, others not at all. The Healy switches between these frequency ranges, because we need all these frequencies, whether we feel them or not.

Healy and microcurrant

If you want to treat yourself with micro current, the cable electrodes are absolutely necessary. Micro current has the advantage of helping you to raise the cell tension in your body, so to put it casually, it recharges your batteries.

Healy and the electromagnetic cloud

The cloud, i.e. the electromagnetic field is there when we treat without cable electrodes. This field is spatially limited and is – like a cloud – in the immediate vicinity of the healy when it is running without cable electrodes. Use this at the beginning with sensitive people, children, animals, to vibrate the program on your daily water.

Healy Resonance and the information field

When we treat with the Healy Resonance, we do this in the information field. This is unlimited in time and space, “at the same time and everywhere”. We can compare this to homeopathy.

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2 thoughts on “Healy – Cable or not?

  1. Can you please recommend a healy programme to reduce menopausal hot flashes? We stumbled on something in the Healy last year and the hot flashes ended but now a year later, hot flashes have started again.

    Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Kindest regards

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