Hearing, ENT, Tinnitus and Frequency
-the holistic balancing of the ears-

At the personal request of 3 enchanting enthusiasts there are now exciting stories about ears, hearing, tinnitus, balance, and the holistic treatment of the ears, and of course with the help of our HEalping frequency system. What the secret lies in, I will tell you after the thing with the form circles.

Hearing is our first sense.

Even before all other senses, the sense of hearing is developed in the womb. Already 8 days after fertilization microscopic cell formations can be seen, which will one day become our ears. From the 16th week of pregnancy, the expectant child can already hear the heartbeat of the mother, among other things. The first sense, our sense of hearing, is so elementary because it enables us to locate ourselves in space in addition to the transmission of information. It is therefore by nature essential for survival.

Treat ears holistically with naturopathy

Our organism has the ability to heal itself. This ability is inherent in all living beings and is controlled from the universe via information fields. We have all been given this ability in our cradle. Due to life and environmental conditions, we sometimes lose it, and our health gets into a serious imbalance. With holistic thoughts and the building blocks of mosaic medicine, I have made it my goal to reawaken the self-healing powers of the body with naturopathy and to stimulate them on different levels.

What can naturopathy do to treat earaches or tinnitus?

When restoring our health it is essential to stimulate and balance these self-healing powers. We can do this in different ways: The basis is proper nutrition, enough clear water, sunshine, oxygen, exercise, mental-spiritual balance, information and frequencies that permeate our whole universe and ourselves. These electromagnetic frequencies, which occur naturally in nature (e.g. sunlight) and in our organism, we find as electricity in the brain, in the spinal cord, and in the nerves. They serve to transmit information. Thanks to modern German medical technology, we can now use this information at home.

The shape of the ears

First of all we want to deal with the form of hearing and the ears. What is a circle of forms? We call everything that is directly and indirectly related to the core topic of “ears” a circle of forms. After all, the ears are more complex than the auricles visible from the outside, but they consist of many small details that make hearing and balance in the inner ear possible in the first place.

Many mosaic pieces allow us to hear well

Optimal hearing therefore depends on many factors that are not immediately apparent at first glance. First of all the capillaries are important. These are the fine, tiny blood vessels that supply the ear with oxygen and nutrients right into the finest corners and angles. Unfortunately, due to the modern way of life, these capillaries very quickly become clogged. They are the first to fall victim to arteriosclerosis. This is generally known about the heart and its coronary vessels. This situation leads to a heart attack, because important areas of the heart can no longer be supplied with oxygen and nutrients due to the closure of the capillaries. The fact that these fine capillaries are also found in the ears, the eyes, and our fingertips and toes may be new to some people. This makes it all the more important for us all to understand what is happening in our bodies.
For us to hear well, the fine capillaries in the inner ear must be well supplied with blood.

What do kidneys and liver have to do with the ears?

Kidneys and liver also belong to the sphere of hearing, because if our fine capillaries are to be permeable and clean, the excretory organs liver and kidney must detoxify very well in order to remove all deposits in the arteries and support the organism, excrete metabolic waste products and toxins (environmental toxins, toxins from pathogens, fungi and parasites, allergens, heavy metals), as well as deposits.

Tinnitus stress, and sympathetic nervous system – an unfortunate trio.
Dominos in the brain?

Those who suffer from tinnitus are plagued by fine, whistling, rushing, and in most cases persistent ringing in the ears, coupled with the form of stress. Studies have shown that short-term stress at its peak can lead to trauma, sudden hearing loss or tinnitus. Permanent stress or noise can have similar effects. Other factors also play a role here. Stress activates our activity nerve, the sympathetic nerve, and causes permanent stress hormones to be released. There is a domino effect from the hypothalamus (diencephalon) to the pituitary gland, from there to the adrenal glands, which release the well-known stress hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol from the adrenal cortex into the blood.
The endocrine system begins in the brain and continues like a relay in the body.

The vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system – stress-free works best

Its opponent, the parasympathetic nervous system, is only of secondary importance. Its most important nerve, the vagus nerve, is responsible for everything that takes place in the body in a calm state: digestion, excretion, reproduction, and healthy sleep. In the ear it also supplies the external auditory canal and part of the eardrum. If the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems is not optimally balanced over a longer period of time, our vegetative nervous system also gets very confused. The consequences can be: sleep disorders, digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalance, unfulfilled desire for children in both men and women, and problems such as tinnitus, whereby the consequences of stress cause the hearing system to become permanently ill.
As you can see, the topic of hearing has a wide range of participating systems in the body. Immune system, hormone system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, to name but a few.

What can I do now to improve my hearing sustainably?

There are many ways to support the body holistically in order to sustainably improve the system of the ears, the hearing, and the balance. These include a balanced, regional (organic) diet, as free as possible from sugar, animal protein and hydrogenated fats, but rich in healthy cold-pressed oils, nuts and seeds. A lot of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit support the immune system, the legumes provide us with high-quality vegetable protein (these are peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas). It is also important to drink about 2 litres of clear, non-carbonated water to ensure that the nerves are stimulated and the body cells are supplied and detoxified.
Good hearing begins at the table.

Good hearing and the sense of balance is quality of life

The topic of good hearing, ears, and balance is one of the most important topics of all. We become particularly aware of this when this sense is impaired, disturbed or lost.
The primal sense of hearing accompanies us not only to perceive information concerning the spoken word, but means pure quality of life.)

Modern support for the ears with frequencies

Because hearing is so important, I have written a special ABC Therapist Pack for the Healing Device, especially for balancing bioenergetically the ears, hearing, balance.

What actually is the Healy and what can it do for our health?
The Healy is a small portable frequency device, which uses micro current at the current level of our own current in the body (brain, spinal cord, nervous system) to optimally stimulate our organism in its self-healing process by using the body’s own frequencies. Already included are many different frequency programmes for balancing health and treating sensitivities.
Here with our topic ears today, the following programs, already pre-installed in the Healy (HHH), are suitable to support the ears in general with bioenergetical balance (not approved by allopathic medecine): Cardiovascular, Liver, Kidneys, Toxins, Care, Being, Hormones, Stress, Relax)

Healy and cell membran stimulation

The Healy should stimulate the cell membran directly at the cell level in such a way that the electrical potential, the cell voltage, rises to its healthy level (-50 to -90 mV). The increase of the cell tension should cause that the supply of the cell with oxygen and nutrients is optimized in such a way that it regains the optimal function and can repair itself. All organs have certain natural frequencies and those to which they react.

What to do if it does not help as quickly as desired?

For some people who have been working with the Healy for some time now, despite careful treatment and sufficient water drinking before each application, there is still no lasting success. There can be many reasons for this.
It is often necessary to approach chronic events more intensively and in a more targeted manner. Because I love the holistic approach and also the frequencies so much, I have devoted myself for several years to writing holistic frequency programs for bioenergetic balance of special health topics (meanwhile there are 26 different … I have to count again). My specific ABC-Frequency programs are always aimed at bioenergetic balancein a targeted way.

The ABC Therapist Set Ears and Balance

My ABC- Therapist Set Ears and Balance contains 12 frequency programs, which comprehensively serve the form circle ears and hearing. Everything has been thought of to optimize the functions with bioenergetic balance around the ears in a holistic way.

Contents of the ABC Therapist Program >ABC-Ears and Balance<:

There Programs are only for the beioenergetical Banlance and nott appreoved by orthodox medecine.
With its specific frequencies, which are tuned to the whole range of forms, Frequencies can support our health sustainably.

Ears Basis – bioenergetical balance
In the Strengthen Ear Basis programme I focus on stimulating the blood circulation and the blood stream, minimising inflammation of the Eustachian tube, transporting sufficient oxygen to the tissues, stimulating the capillaries and the lymphatic system, in other words: once across the garden of our form circles.

The program Ear circulation – bioenergetical balance
shall balance the blood circulation of the entire ear and inner ear, supported with the frequencies of the earth chakra and the Schumann frequency.

Ear Inflammations – bioenergetical balance
Here, the focus is on the treatment of inflammation around the ear, there are also frequencies that treat pain during infections.

Ear pain from the sewing box – bioenergetical balance
Anyone who’s ever had an earache the way I have knows what I’m talking about. When I was six years old, the family doctor still came home For endless hours I had to wait until he finally appeared. When he came >hours later<, I started scolding him and said: “What took you so long, you know I’m waiting for you with an earache!”
I remember that to this day and would have liked to have retroactively prescribed the microcurrant frequencies.

Fever and ears – bioenergetical balance
Who has fever and earache needs special support with the Healy. Therefore, I have included fever, inflammation, Eustachian tube, blood circulation, middle ear infection in case of fever, and appropriate ear problems in this program.

People who suffer from dizziness often do not dare to move around alone in the room, or even have problems in public. Perhaps you risk falling and then have additional problems. Meniere’s disease is a term used to describe a rotational vertigo that also affects the capillaries, treats oxygen deficiency in the tissues, and treats otosclerosis.

With Nogier’s vertigo there are very special frequencies which deal exclusively with this symptomatology. They are designated by letters and are all included in our Healy ABC therapist programme. Here, just as with Menière’s vertigo, the blood circulation, the capillaries, the oxygen supply in the tissue and the electrolyte status are additionally stimulated.

There are various causes of ear pain, such as ear pain due to infection. Here too, their lack of oxygen in the tissue is an important aspect and is taken into account in the frequency selection.

Tinnitus frequencies – bioenergetical balance include relaxation, hemoglobin, electrolyte support and other issues that should help the body to relax.

The ABC Therapist Set offers you a total of 12 individual programs

They are summarized in a detailed Balancing plan for you. It contains exciting tips that can be easily integrated into your everyday life, ideas that help reduce or avoid inflammation by nutrition.

Dedication in good thoughts to two special doctors

I would have been happy if the Healy and this ABC-therapist program Ears and Balance had already existed for me as a child. While composing the frequencies I was thinking of our first family Doctor Dr. Glinka, and our current competent and loving ear, nose and throat Doctor Dr. Lambeck from Mönchengladbach. He has treated my daughter wonderfully, operated on both of us, and I dedicate my ENT program, the ABC-therapist program >Ears and Balance< for the Healy, to both of them in my thoughts.
It has been created with love and care and has already been able to support some people well.

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Health and Love,

Lisa Golda

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