How do I start optimal with the Healy?
And why don´t I see any Improvements in my Health?

>> I have been using my Healy now for about 8 weeks and every day, but I don’t see any improvement in my health yet. I have been struggling with some symptoms and hoped that my healy could help, but I haven’t felt any real change since then. I was wondering if you could make some suggestions that I haven’t thought of yet? <<

Alice writes me this because she really wants to change things and has bought the Healy because it is supposed to optimize health with the body-like frequencies directly on the cell level. And there is a lot to optimize.

Why haven’t there been any noticeable changes with Alice yet?

I’ll write Alice right back:

Dear Alice,

with the Healy you have a wonderful tool, which can support you every day to balance your health. However, the correct and optimal use is not as easy as it seems at first. When the Healy is new, all doors are open, but which doors do you go through? There are so many possibilities. Which programs do you choose, how often, how strong, and what else is there to consider?

The Healy is a certified medical device

It is used for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine as well as for supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders.

In addition, there are many other applications that can be used without any risk. However, there are exceptions and contraindications, which can be read in detail in the manual.
(Keyword: contraindication in pregnancy, pacemakers, large metal parts in the body, some drugs, …)

What do I do with the Healy in case of chronic diseases?

Dear Alice, for chronic deseases, or very long term symptoms it is definitely not enough to just use the Healy somehow. We need a system. In Mosaic Medicine, we speak of many pieces of the mosaic that make up a complete picture to enable healing.

We need many mosaicstones for your recovery

After all, you want your body to be in balance and to feel completely comfortable. This requires thousands of cell and body functions that are precisely coordinated with each other. When things have been going wrong for a long time, it makes a lot of sense to approach the healing process analytically and systematically.

In 5 weeks to success – Healy system from the beginning

In my eBook you will find the First Steps to gently and effectively bring your entire body into balance. Systematic treatment plans, Healy knowledge, tips on health and >what-is-when< questions open up practical insights for your everyday Healy life. For five weeks you will be accompanied safely. You can recognize your own success and reach milestones.

If you feel that this is the right thing for you,
you can find the link here.

In addition, further measures may be necessary for persistent symptoms.
May I ask the following questions?

– Drinking quantity and quality of the water
– The feeding magnifying glass: what do I eat when?
– What is perhaps too much in my body? Toxins, pathogens, heavy metals, environmental toxins?
– What am I missing? These could be vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormones or even plant substances.
– Am I moving, if so, how often?
– Which hidden causes in my soul block my healing?

In my online practice I support you with a TimeWaver analysis

This should help to clarify causal questions and get to the bottom of your hidden causes and blockages. The results of the analyses are regularly vibrated into the patient’s information field via the TimeWaver every day for a month. There they balance the dimensions 5 to 8 according to Burkhard Heim. This means, that healing impulses are vibrated on your consciousness and energy levels, which can rearrange the events for you. Your body, mind and soul should be brought back into balance.

Sometimes, vibrating with a TimeWaver balancing can have a very fast effect in the world of matter and in everyday life.

In addition a true story:
In a late summer evening I once sat together with my client at the TimeWaver and analyzed his professional situation. He wanted more assignments, especially from his favorite client. We focused on his request and sent his wishes via TimeWaver lists to vibrate into the information field. Already the next morning the desired call came in and my client’s orders were secured from summer to Christmas and even beyond!

With our health, we are sometimes allowed to be a little more patient.

It makes sense to draw up a concrete plan for you, based on the results of the questions we asked above, which includes measures in everyday life and the Healy and its possible applications in equal measure. Dear Alice, if you would now like to use the first five weeks to make your Healy a success, click on this link.

If you think that a deeper timewaver analysis with a subsequent plan is the right thing for you, then write me here.

Dear Alice, I wish you all the best for your health. Please contact me if you need my support,

Love, peace and health,


Expert für Information- and Frequency Medecine
TimeWaver and Frequency Therapeute
Cologne, Germany


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