Tick-bite Lyme Disease – Treating Neuro-Osteo-Borrelia and coinfections with the Healy

Evelyn writes me:

>>Hello Lisa!

I suffer from Neuro-Borreliosis with strong detoxification reactions. I get dizzy, I can neither walk nor drive, and I can hardly think in front of brain fog.

Now I have tried the Healy. Even without electrodes. I have had long distance sessions by practitioners who’ve used the Resonance scan, and I had adverse reactions. They have no experience yet. They scanned me and did some things that the Healy showed them for me. It did not work.
One of the users has the same problem with his clients at the remote treatment. He thinks they may have a Healy hypersensitivity.

The last program I ran only made the brain fog worse. My symptoms are still there.
My kidney and liver function isn’t good.
I’m undergoing additional treatment with a physical therapist.

My people don’t think the Healy can help me. My TimeWaver therapists don’t seem to believe that the Healy can help either. They want to optimize me for a month. They want me to boost my immune system. They don’t think what I’m doing now is gonna do much to get rid of Lyme disease.

So, all suggestions and ideas are very welcome! I hope to find a solution. My body just can’t take anything more at the moment.

I still have 2 days to return my Healy HHH+. Should I keep it after all?

xo, Evelyn <<


Dear Evelyn,

the frequencies with the Healy are the foundation of a very effective treatment, if you have programs that are individually adapted to you and your situation and if they are used correctly.
According to the holistic mosaic medicine your case needs more than some Healy programs.

If I were you, I would keep the Healy and use it specifically and precisely.

First of all I would like to tell you a little bit about my view about Borrelia, Lyme Disease and coinfections, so that you understand the context of your disease.
it will be a very long text, because it is a complex situation.

Then we can work together online. With the help of TimeWaver and Frequency I will analyze step by step your therapy plan for the Healy and other mosaic stones.
But now read what happens in the body at all.

There is always a way,
and it’s up to us to find it and go together,

Love, Lisa

Now see my perspective:
How does Borrelia bacteria get into our bodies and what happens there?

Borrelia and the accompanying pathogens (EBC, Coxsackie Virus, Babesia, Rickesia, …) get into our blood through the bite or sting of mosquito bites, insect bites and also ticks. They are also called spirochetes, they are related to the malaria pathogens and look like small spiral-twisted noodles.
There, in the bloodstream, they can remain and multiply for about 6 weeks.

They hide in the vessels behind fibrin nets

Thus camouflage themselves from the specific immune system. If they do this well, they stay there and unfortunately can deposit on the vessels. This results in constrictions and the blood pressure can rise permanently.

So be careful with permanent high blood pressure:
The narrowing of the blood vessels could be due to Borrelia bacteria

Why does Borrelia bacteria go further into the joints?

If the immune system is well active in the blood, the Borrelia bacteria does not like it there anymore and they form cysts in the tissue or go into the joints.
The synovia/articular fluid, and also the cartilage layers consist of high-quality protein. The Borrelia bacteria feel like they were in paradise. The body police, the immune system does not get inside the large joints because the blood system does not reach into them. Joints are not supplied with blood inside. So the pathogens can multiply undisturbed in the joints.

Where and how on earth did people wear out their joints like this?

When arthrosis and arthritis become noticeable, orthodox medicine often says:
>>You have wear and tear, there is nothing you can do about it.<<
It is astonishing that often 35-year-old office workers are said to have already started to wear out. Nevertheless pain. Wear and tear. How can this be explained?

What the Mosaic Medicine says about the TimeWaver

In my practice it is shown that many pain patients with joint problems react to Borrelia bacteria and their co diseases in the TimeWaver resonance analysis.

Could pathogens possibly be responsible for the many pain patients of the large joints? An osteo-borreliosis? Could one possibly spare the desperate patients many operations and artificial joints, if they were instead supplied with frequencies and the cause-oriented mosaic medicine? (This industry won’t like that at all, so it’s better to deny the truth?).

New courage to face life through freedom from pain

The fact is:
Many patients have regained a new zest for life when, following the TimeWaver analysis, things suddenly change as their lifestyle changes.

Why lifestyle change can protect against surgery

This way knee prostheses and permanent pain can be avoided with the TimeWaver and the Mosaic Medicine with the Healy. If…

  • Your pain was treated with FSM frequency therapy at my clinic
  • You will do your Healy-ABC Therapist Programs at home exactly according to the treatment plan
  • switching to an anti-inflammatory diet
  • detoxify her body and
  • the vital substances suitable for them are supplemented

But what happens now in your case of Neuro-Borreliosis, dear Evelyn?

Some patients react sensitively to stress and electricity/ current (treatments) – why?

Our cells communicate with each other in similar frequencies like telephones, WIFI stations, transmitter masts. Disturbing frequencies weaken the immune system, because they disrupt cell communication and cause malfunctions in the body. Stress can make this even worse.

Cells poisoned with heavy metals are particularly at risk.

Heavy metals are preferably stored in the fatty tissue of the brain and nervous system. These organs are therefore particularly affected by electrosmog from devices such as WIFI, Bluetooth and mobile phones. Due to the weakened immune system, the gates are open for borrelia and other infectious diseases. Those who have amalgam fillings suffer from chronic mercury poisoning. This in turn is loved by fungi that thrive in an acidic environment and lay around the heavy metal particles, thereby secreting toxins. Other parameters play an important role. One thing leads to another.
So many details, often barely known to the general public, are important to put together a comprehensive analysis and therapy.

Some Borrelia bacteria manage to cross the blood-brain barrier.

In the brain they find excellent, valuable food from fats and amino acids.
When the pathogens have reached the brain, they damage the tissue and poison it with their excretions.

What happens when the Borrelia bacteria get on our nerves?

The myelin layers also consist mainly of valuable amino acids and lipids / fats. In the nervous system the nerves are surrounded by a sheath, just like copper cables in electrical appliances, so that there is no short circuit. This insulation in cables is analogously called the myelin sheath in the body. They protect and nourish the sensitive interior of the nerves. In addition, they play a major role in the transmission of stimuli in the nerves’ information system.

Defenseless and poisoned – The nerves are bare: short circuited

If the Borrelia now eat away this isolation, they injure the nerves and leave their toxic excrements behind. The nerves are exposed, in the truest sense of the word. As with stripped copper cables, a short circuit can now occur. This symptomatology is also called MS, multiple sclerosis. This means multiple hardening, scarring. Where does that come from again? Of course the nerves try to heal again, but it takes time. But if the Borrelia bacteria continue to consume unhindered, it leaves visible damage.

These micro injuries can be detected with imaging techniques

They are called lesions. Most people have never heard of them. But why? The guidelines don’t allow for it. Treatment has been focussed to expensive lifetime medications. Usually those with extreme side effects. And then there’s medication for that. With new side effects?

It’s lucrative, not for the patients, of course.

Where would we be if suddenly, through micro-current frequencies and natural remedies or even dietary changes that people use at home, fewer operations and medicines were carried out? Whole branches of industry would complain about this (therefore prohibit).
Armies of patients would suddenly no longer be the patient suffering (this is exactly the translation of >patient<), but responsible citizens, who with the help of encouraging therapists reactivate their self-healing powers in a self-determined and enlightened way back to nature.

“What makes the doctor lose his bread?
a) it´s health, b) it´s death.
Fore doctors Live, that´s what he`ll do,
…we’re in a limbo between the two.”

-Eugen Roth (German poet from Munich, 1895-1976)

So where does that leave you now, dear Evelyn?
The following steps are useful:


– an extensive analysis with the TimeWaver
– an extensive analysis with the TimeWaver Frequency
– an interactive anamnesis © with the Mosaic Medicine
– a vital substance analysis – what is missing?
– a detox analysis – what is too much in the body
– an analysis of eating habits
– an analysis of the hidden causes
– an analysis of the psychological components
– an analysis of the healing blockages
– an analysis of the Healy- Frequencies suitable for you

I have been working with the TimeWaver Frequency, the “therapist’s device for the practice” (which works like the Healy, only more extensively), since its creation, developing therapy concepts and writing detailed Healy-ABC program series.
Your own, for you composed Healy program package can be easily uploaded from TimeWaver Frequency via the Internet.
A step-by-step program that is exactly tailored to your individual needs will help you with your daily plan to do everything independently at home.
The treatment should last at least 6 months, because sustainable results are desired.
I will accompany you regularly during all steps and treatments.

If this can be a solution for you, we should talk to each other.
Get in touch with me, dear Evelyn, write me an e-mail when it is suitable for you.

Love, peace and health,


Expert for information and frequency therapy
TimeWaver and Frequency Therapist
Cologne, Germany

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    1. Dear Debbie, thank you! You are welcome to send us an e-mail, so we can inform you about the details!

  1. Hello,
    I have a Healy Holistic Health plus. I have been diagnosed with Lymes Disease and am beginning to put an extensive protocal together. I do not know what programs I can use on Healy to help me heal and was wondering if you can help me set up a precise Healy protocol to get the most out of my Healy. Thank you
    Inaiya Ray, California

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