Treating ulcerative colitis and chronic inflammation with Healy

How do I get the Healy on this?
Is it worthwhile to upgrade to Healy Resonance?

A permanent inflammatory process in the body weakens the immune system and can even lead to overreactions and auto-immune diseases. Often the disease starts quietly and without serious symptoms. But gradually the pain increases daily, a permanent feeling of illness is the result.
Something must be done!

With mosaic medicine there are reasonable solutions:

Many Mosaic puzzle pieces lead to success:
Healy with micro current therapy and resonance therapy, TimeWaver balancing: recognizing and solving hidden causes and blockades in the psyche (TimeWaver), anti-inflammatory nutrition, water, good sleep, …

How does Healy Resonance support me?

The Healy Resonance can support you in activating your self-healing power, it starts on the information level. It is comparable to homeopathy, here too, healing impulses are to be given through the INFORMATION of the plant, not through MATERIAL extracts.
The Helay Resonance sets these healing impulses in the information field in the form of vibration patterns that resonate with you (hence the name).

Healy with micro current

Supports you in “recharging” your cells by applying micro current at the cell level with body identical frequencies. There it is supposed to increase the cell tension, which can also help to reduce pain and inflammation. Furthermore, this should counteract the overacidification of the cells. (More details in the workshop).

Long-term improvement for pain and ulcerative colitis

In order to achieve permanent and near-term improvement, in addition to the Healy / Resonance / TimeWaver, there are some other things that MUST be changed in everyday life:
Drinking enough water, about 2 liters a day, is absolutely necessary. The water should not contain any carbonic acid, which could otherwise contribute to hyperacidity and increase pain.

The right diet can reduce inflammation

The diet should be closely examined: There are many pieces in the mosaic that can help reduce inflammation through diet. This makes healing possible and can bring the pain to an end.
With moderate exercise at the right time, you can even improve your sleep quality in the medium term.

Inflammations can be treated naturally with the help of dietary changes, deacidification and the Healy.

I have written a detailed leaflet for you, >Treat Inflammation naturally<, which will be discussed in my Healy-ABC Workshop. Every participant will receive it afterwards with all documents and the recorded video via email.

I will be happy if you integrate the new aspects into your life!
If you need further help with your chronic illness with pain or need a TimeWaver analysis or individual programs for your Healy, don’t hesitate to contact me!

All love, peace and health,


Here the link to the Healy-ABC Workshop:

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